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Roles and Responsibilities For Role SMM INTERNS in EazyByts Infotech

  • Create fun and interesting posts for social media.
  • Help make our websites and blogs more popular.
  • Use special tricks to make sure people find us on the internet.
  • Make cool posts that people want to like and share.
  • Work with friends from the web development team to make our website look great.
  • Check that all our social media posts are spelled right and look good.
  • Learn about what other companies are doing on social media.
  • Draw and design nice pictures and videos for our social media.
  • Make a plan for when we post things on social media.
  • Look at how many people like and see our posts on social media.
  • Talk to our friends in the company so we know what’s happening.
  • Help with different jobs and learn new things every day.